If working out is not something you’ve been doing on a regular basis, but now feel ready to get in shape, putting together the basics as a beginner doesn’t have to break your budget. With most gyms still on lockdown or heavily restricted, home gyms have exploded with fitness enthusiasts and beginners bent on maintaining or upping their exercise routines.

According to the NDP Group, a market research company, sales of fitness equipment has skyrocketed 130% since the pandemic. And Stackline, an e-commerce data company, recorded a 307% jump in online sales of gym equipment, fitness gadgets and cardio tools in the early part of 2020 when the pandemic hit. Furthermore, fitness equipment retailers also report an increase in buyers shopping for home-gym equipment in showrooms across the nation.

Looking for the best workout equipment now that you’ve decided to amp up your physical activity? The best place to start is with the basics! Here’s what the experts suggest that every beginner’s home gym needs:

  1. Jump rope

You could start with a basic jump rope. Great for cardio workouts and building endurance. But the market offers new and enhanced jump ropes—some that are weighted or adjustable to fit your height—for a more customized workout.

  1. Stability ball

Every commercial and home gym needs a stability ball. Resembling an oversized beach ball, these tools are perfect for strengthening core muscles and improving balance. In addition to building core strength, they also work the hips and legs for overall toning.

  1. Resistance bands

Full-size and mini resistance bands provide versatility to any workout. They’re perfect for stretching, warming up, and working out if you don’t have weights. Bands add external resistance and range in size and thickness.

  1. Kettlebell

If you’re looking to define your legs, shoulders and back, you can use a kettlebell to focus on those areas. This device is affordable and easy to store when not in use since it doesn’t take up much space.

  1. Pull-up bar

For an easy way to target shoulders, back and biceps, a pull-up bar that can be positioned in a doorframe is ideal. For an additional challenge, add ankle weights during your sets.

  1. Plyo box

Perform step-ups to develop your calves, legs and glutes with a plyo box.

  1. Yoga mat

An exercise or yoga mat adds stability to your workout area and adds comfort when you’re doing floor work.

  1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are essential in a home gym, even for beginners. They can enhance any workout and add flexibility to your routine. Choose a variety of different weights, which are easy to store when not in use. Adding dumbbells to your routine is beneficial for improving bone density and building muscle.

  1. Exercise bike

Exercise bikes have come a long way. New models include a variety of settings so you can customize your workout, plus many collapse for easy storage.

  1. Treadmill

Some people think treadmills are just way too cumbersome to fit in your space and are expensive. However, there are plenty of models available that are more affordable for beginners and can be folded for easy stowing.

You don’t have to make a huge investment to get a good workout. You just need to consider those workout essentials that can help you get off to a good start.

At Balance Fitness, our expert consultants can help you put together the right equipment to fit your exercise needs. Visit our showroom for ideas and let us guide you in your decision-making process.