Let’s face it, most of us have probably started an exercise program more than a dozen times.

The trick, of course, comes with sticking to the plan. There are factors that affect how we succeed – habits, mental roadblocks, time, work, motivation, family obligations and more.

When pursuing any new passion, it can be a letdown if you don’t achieve quick results. That’s because of the way that our brain produces dopamine, a powerful neurochemical that motivates us to do things.

When things are going well, dopamine is continuously released, motivating us to continue. But as soon as we hit an obstacle, dopamine levels collapse, leaving us demotivated and prone to giving up.

Perhaps you can take this information into consideration when beginning or starting a new health & fitness plan.

Incremental Approach

Start by taking small steps, like just 20 minutes a day for cardio or one body part a day for strength training. This way, your dopamine levels will slowly build up, so if you hit roadblocks along the way, your dopamine production won’t drop as much, meaning you’re less likely to give up.

After 2-3 weeks of consistency you will notice both physical and mental benefits.

You will also notice you’re creating a great new habit.

Convenience is key

Having fitness equipment at home can make a big difference.  It doesn’t take much equipment or space to build a home gym, work out in the comfort of your own home and be consistent with your workouts.

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Have a healthy month!