Did you know that 80 percent of people that join a gym after the new year quit going within five months?  Did you know that the average gym member in the U.S. goes to the gym less than 50 times per year? What if you could have a home gym? 

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to workout.

With the rise of online resources, you can find the best home gym workouts to help you meet your fitness goals. 

Wondering how to build a home gym? We’ve got you covered—keep reading to find out!

Find the Right Space

First, you need to figure out where to set up your home gym. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large space or live in an apartment—having a home gym is still possible!  You can find an unused corner in your bedroom or living room for your workouts, or even an outdoor space like a patio or back porch works.

If you have an empty bedroom, backyard space, office, or vacant garage space, you have hit the home gym jackpot! 

Adding Equipment

Before you give in to the temptation of buying a lot of fancy equipment, it’s time to figure out what you will use and how much space you have. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Start with a few things you know you will use.

Variety Is Key

The goal for all of us is to be consistent with workouts throughout the year. Having a variety of equipment will provide you with both a functional and inspiring space that you will look forward to using.  

You also want to put together a well-crafted exercise plan that includes both strength training and cardiorespiratory fitness. The selection of your equipment should be based on your needs.  By taking into consideration your goals, interests, lifestyles, schedules, injuries/restrictions, and past training experiences you can best create the optimal gym space.  Perhaps a specialist like Balance Fitness Equipment can help with ideas.

Here are some ideas for home gym essentials:

The Basics 

  • A yoga or exercise mat
  • Stability ball
  • Bench or box (or anything to elevate you)
  • Resistance bands or a functional trainer/cable gym
  • Jump rope
  • Dumbbells with dumbbell rack
  • Adjustable dumbbells (less storage space)
  • Kettlebell

There are also weight machines if you have the space.


  • Elliptical/Crosstrainer
  • Cycling bike/ Spin bike
  • Treadmill
  • Rower
  • Stair or Vertical climber
  • Upright bike or recumbent bike

You can also do cardio like jump rope, power walking, jumping jacks, squats, burpees, running, or walking lunges.

Other Items to Consider:

You also may want to include:

  • Periodic professional training
  • Flooring
  • Fan
  • Mirror
  • Dry erase board to mark workouts down
  • Storage racks

If you want to pack a bunch of equipment but are limited on space, storage is key. Find storage containers you can slide under your bed or get a hanging wall organizer to keep small equipment off the floor. Try using a pegboard to hang up your weights or equipment, or you can even use a rollaway bar cart for storage. There are wall-mounted racks available for dumbbells, medicine balls, mats, and stability balls.

Tips for Designing Your Setup

You want to make sure your space is not overcrowded. You also want to make sure you have plenty of natural light or overhead lighting. 

If you are completely covering a spare room or garage into your home gym space, you may want to consider using some gym flooring to give your body a bit of cushion, floor protection, and additional function. You can find square pieces that interlock for easy installation.

Whether you are using a garage, attic, or a spare room for home gym workouts, don’t forget to keep in inspiring. Add some color or funky wall designs. Use some decor that gets you motivated.  Add music or a TV. Just like other rooms in your home, you want to design your room so that it’s motivating.  If you design a motivating space, you will be more consistent.

Looking for help? Contact us today. Our fitness consultants at Balance Fitness would be happy to help you set up your home gym, find the best layout, pick the right products, and create a fitness training program just for you!