It’s hard to argue that having a well-defined, muscular chest makes any guy look better. With the new year approaching, you might be resolving to hit the gym and look for a way to develop your chest into that of a Greek god. Getting a chiseled chest isn’t easy, and a lot of people try and fail every year. Here are 3 great workouts that if you stick to them, will help you get that big muscular chest you’ve always dreamed of!

Bench Press

I’m sorry if you hate bench presses, but there really is no better workout for adding size to your chest than bench pressing. This workout, if done with the right form, will work your core, lower, mid-, and upper chest, and will also work your front delts. Focus on using the right form and not only will you work more muscle groups, you’ll also be able to push more weight.

Dig your shoulders back into the bench, arch your back, and plant your toes firmly on the ground. A lot of people try to bench by bringing the bar down towards their upper chest, and then pushing up for the lockout from there. What you really want to do is bring the bar out towards your lower chest, flex your lats while pulling the bar down to your lower pectorals, and then pushing up into your lockout from there. Performing the bench press in this way will provide you a lot more power so you can break through those stubborn plateaus and really build strength and size.

Pin Press

Another great workout for adding strength and size to your chest is the pin press. Pin presses are a variation of bench press where you start with the bar at chest level. To perform it, lower the guards on your bench so they’re parallel with your chest and rest the bar across the guards. Assume proper bench press form and push the bar off the guards and into your lockout position. Then, lower the bar back onto the guards and do it again.

Pin presses are designed to help you practice locking out with a heavier weight. Since you don’t have to worry about the bar crashing down on you or using your lats to bring the bar down, you can focus completely on the pressing motion. Usually you can add 20-40 pounds more than what your one-rep max is for a regular bench press. The way to a stronger bigger chest is through heavy weight lifting, and pin presses allow you to lift the heavy weight necessary to increase your strength.

Pin Press

 Slingshot Press

The final great workout for adding size and strength to your chest that we’ll talk about is the slingshot press. The slingshot is a bungee-like device that you wear around your arms like a sleeve. While wearing it you will perform a regular bench press but as you pull the bar down, the slingshot gathers up tension and then assists you slightly as you push back up into your lockout.

The slingshot is a great tool for busting through stubborn plateaus because it helps your mind understand what it feels like to bench more than you normally would. When your mind is convinced it can do something, you’ll be surprised at what your body can handle. From personal experience, the slingshot can help you add anywhere between 10-25 pounds on your max bench press.

Slingshot press

Remember the key to adding size and strength to your chest is to lift heavy weight for lower reps. All of the workouts described above will help you maximize your time at the gym and help you sculpt the upper body of your dreams.

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