With manual labor dwindling down and life behind a desk becoming the current known, it’s easy to see how jobs in even the last ten years have changed. Many studies will share that with a desk job comes heart problems, back and muscle issues, and an increased rate of obesity. However, your friends at Balance Fitness are here to give you some tips and exercises you can do during the work hours to keep your activity level up, and your heart disease probability low.

Exercise 1: Body Stretches

Sitting at a desk can be brutal, especially if you don’t have good posture. Set an alarm and try to remember you need to get up and give yourself a good stretch at least every hour. If you’ve been drinking coffee all day, this stretch will help you wake up a little. Stretch not only your back, but your neck, legs, arms, and fingers! Did you know if you rarely disengage from typing all day, you have a good chance of carpal tunnel syndrome? Chances are you’ve been typing all day, so your fingers are overdue for a break.

Exercise 2: Leg Raises

While you’re sitting in your chair, take turns extending one leg straight out and holding it for about 15 seconds. Lift this leg so it’s holding its own in the sky, and not level with the chair seat. Do this on each leg for as long as you can. Try to challenge yourself!

Exercise 3: Chair Dips

Place the palms of your hands on your chair and your feet on the floor. Begin to move your rear end off of the edge of your seat while bending your elbows and lower body. Once you master this the first time, return to your starting position for another round. This helps with your arm muscles and works a bit of your core. It’s also very challenging, so be sure to take it seriously if you’re in a rolling chair.

Exercise 4: Wall Sits

Do you have a document you have to read? Maybe you need to read over a newsletter before having it sent out to the entire department. Print out whatever it is you have to read, then rest your back against a wall in the office, move your feet away from the wall and bend your knees. The only thing supporting you will be the wall and your thighs. Try to hold this position for as long as possible!

Exercise 5: Tricep Desk Sits

With your back turned to your desk or kitchen counter top, place your hands shoulder-width apart with your legs extended out. Then you want to bend your arms down and then pull yourself back up, with your arms being your only support. This helps make the arms look good!

Exercise 6: Standing Calf Raises

To strengthen your calf muscles, put your hands on the back of your chair and stand on your tiptoes, hold yourself in that position for about ten minutes, and then repeat the process. This gives your legs a stretch as well. Want to challenge it up a bit? Stand on your tiptoes, extend one leg backwards and pulse with the other leg.

Exercise 7: Water Bottle Twists

Need a good looking waistline for an event in the near future? Add a little extra to your daily routine and work your waist at work! Hold an unopened water bottle to your chest, twist as far right as you can, bring yourself back to the center, then do the other side. Try this exercise four times a day, with ten repetitions each.

Exercise 8: Leg Kicks

While you’re waiting for the printer to make your copies, do some leg kicks! Switch your body up and kick your legs out straight to the front and then to the sides. Switching up a routine makes your body think, and you’ll burn more calories.

Exercise 9: Walk It Out

Not all of these exercises have to be done directly at your desk, do they? Try to get a headset or make phone calls from your cell phone. This way every time you have to make a phone call, you can walk outside or around the office to get in some steps. You don’t have to have a Fitbit to keep up with your steps, but try to walk when you can! You’ll be surprised how much better you feel once you get out of the office and inhale some fresh air, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Exercise 10: Stairs

Take the stairs when you can! If your office has more than one level, don’t iMessage, email, or call a colleague on another level to ask him a question. Get moving and take the stairs to chat face to face. Take a little break from those e-mails you’ve been sending all day and walk up and down the stairs just for fun. This will wake you up from feeling sluggish at your desk for the rest of the day.

Don’t think just doing these exercises will get you extremely fit, but they will help make you feel better and more energized when you do go for that long afternoon stroll, run, or gym session later in the day. Don’t be embarrassed to try these exercises at work either — chances are your colleagues will eventually get up and do them with you, or admire your ability to try!

At Balance Fitness, we do more than sell gym equipment. We care about every aspect of your healthy lifestyle and want to help you along your journey. If you are just starting to work out or have been an avid exerciser for years but in need of a little change, we are here to help you find your way. Learn more by giving us a call! You can reach us by phone at (650) 348-1259 for San Mateo, (408) 244-3010 for Santa Clara, or contact us online at any time.