afternoonworkouttipsDo you find it hard to talk yourself into the gym after you’ve already spent a long day at work? It can be hard to commit to that extra time when all your body wants to do is go home and relax. Exercising after work has proven benefits for your daily life, though, and our tips will help you make the most of your workouts and give you the motivation to keep going back.

  • Give yourself an easy goal and you’re bound to overtake it. Tell yourself you only need to go for fifteen minutes. Just fifteen minutes — anyone can handle that. By the time you’ve been working out for that long, though, you’ll find it much easier to keep going and get in a total workout.
  • A light lunch leads to a longer workout. Eating heavier food like cheeseburgers or even just heating up a big lunch of leftover meatloaf from home can leave you feeling weighed down and sleepy by mid-afternoon. Packing a veggie-heavy, protein-packed meal like veggie wraps or chicken salad will help you stay lighter on your feet by the time you walk in the door for spin class.
  • Make it a date and make a commitment. Don’t just hit the gym solo. Sign up for a class with friends or your significant other and you’ll have more incentive to never miss a workout day. Even if all you do is hit the treadmill side-by-side, you’ll get fit together ‐ and you can always hang out afterwards for extra bonding.
  • Pick a gym along your commute. If driving to your fitness center means tacking on an extra half an hour, you’ll be far more likely to skip it in favor of getting that time on the couch instead. Stick to a fitness center right along your regular route or very nearby.
  • Change into your gym clothes before you leave the office. You’ll be more motivated to work out if you’re already dressed for it. By the time you get into your car, you’re ready to walk right into the gym and get started. Plus, who wouldn’t feel a little silly getting completely ready for Zumba and then driving home instead?
  • Reward yourself regularly! Your reward might be going out for drinks on Friday with your friends, buying a new piece of workout attire, or grabbing a Frappucino® once a month. Whatever works for you! Just set a goal and stick to it — if you don’t hit your goal, no reward. This will help motivate you to keep it up. Odds are, you’ll find that reward even more enjoyable knowing that you earned it.

With stressful jobs and long working hours, even finding the time to work out, much less the motivation, can feel like an uphill climb. When you do commit to a regular exercise schedule, though, you’ll find it easier to wind down from your 9-5 at the end of the day. Take our tips and make the most of that after-hours workout! Looking for fitness equipment or design services for a fitness facility or your own personal home gym? Balance Fitness is here for you! We can work with facilities of any size and our fitness equipment is the best on the market. You can reach us by phone at (650) 348-1259 or contact us online to learn more!