These days, a lot of people are choosing to have their physical exercise at home. Unfortunately, due to various constraints, it is usually impossible for most people to buy more than one machine for a particular kind of exercise. Therefore, if you are thinking of how you can have the best cardio exercise at home, you will most likely try to decide between buying a treadmill, elliptical, or a stationary bike. But which one of these machines is the best for you?

To answer this question, you need to understand what each of them has to offer and go for the one that is most likely to help you meet your training goals safely.


If you enjoy walking or running, but you can’t go out for some reason, a treadmill could be a great cardio machine to invest in. The machine will allow you to adjust your pace, incline, or even decline. Therefore, whether you want a walk or a sprint, your treadmill will let you have it. Treadmills are effective in helping users work out hip flexors, glutes, and leg muscles. It is important to note that treadmills can be high-impact or low-impact cardio training depending on what you are looking for training-wise.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are like treadmills, only that they involve a stepping motion that resembles pedaling a bike. Training on an elliptical trainer is a low-impact cardio exercise, and therefore, it is an excellent option for those recovering from musculoskeletal injuries. Besides, as long as you are pumping your arms and engaging your core, this machine will give you a full-body workout.

Stationary Bikes

Working out on a stationary bike will allow you to pedal as if you are riding a bicycle, only that you do not have to leave the safety of your home. The bike will enable you to have low-impact cardio exercise, meaning that it is gentle on your joints. As such, it is great for people with arthritis or those who are recovering from musculoskeletal injuries. If you engage your core when peddling in an upright position, it can help you with working out the upper part of your body, even though it is primarily designed for working out the glutes and the legs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes are all great cardio training machines. The right one for you depends on your health needs and workout goals. For instance, if you are fit and healthy enough for high-impact cardio training, you can go for a treadmill. On the other hand, if you have musculoskeletal problems, you can go for a low-impact cardio training machine such as a stationary bike or an elliptical machine.

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