If you prefer working out when it’s convenient for you, without having to share equipment or travel a long distance to do so, a home gym may be just what you need.

Pros and cons exist for both home and public gyms. However, a home gym can help you save money and time in the long run. Sure, a gym membership gives you access to a variety of fitness machines; provides social interaction; and offers personal training. But you also face the risk of membership costs increasing, having to share equipment with others and having to commute to the gym, all of which could compromise your exercise routine. A home gym, on the other hand, enables you to customize your space, the workout machines, and your workout schedule.

The advantages of having a home gym include:


When you exercise at home, you can be flexible about when and how long you work out. You can work around a busy schedule and fit in a run at home that might otherwise get axed if there’s no time for a trip to an outside gym.

Saves money

Although a home gym requires an initial investment, you are likely to save money in the long run because you’re not paying monthly membership fees that keep you hinged for a year at some gyms. And you’re not having to put miles on your car and refueling for the commute to an outside gym.

No long waits

Some busy gyms often force you to wait for certain machines while others are using them. At home, you can spend as much time as you want on a piece of equipment without having someone standing in the shadows waiting for you to finish. Not having to share the equipment with others also cuts down on the risk of picking up germs, bacteria and viruses.


The luxury of working out at home affords you the opportunity to wear whatever you’re comfortable in whether it’s pajamas or skimpy fitness attire. If you’re self-conscious when you work out, you can enjoy the freedom of performing squats or other exercises without feeling as if you’re being watched or judged.

Access 24/7

One of the best things about having a home gym is accessibility. You can burn off excess calories after a holiday meal when other commercial gyms are closed or wake up before the crack of dawn and hop on a machine for an early-morning workout.

Visibility equals results

If exercise equipment is readily available and within sight, you’re more likely to interact with it. Home gyms tend to help you stick with a fitness plan because there are no excuses for missing a workout when the equipment is merely steps away.

Works to inspire others

If your children or significant other see you working out and generating results, they are more likely to become interested in jumping on the bandwagon, or should we say treadmill, with you. And so, your workouts in your home gym can be inspirational for others in the house.

If you’re ready to create a home gym and forgo or cancel your gym membership, contact us at Balance Fitness. We specialize in gym design and would love to work with you to design a home gym that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more!