Have your employees been begging for an office gym? No doubt, they want the convenience of having a workout facility within walking distance of their desk, and they’d really enjoy not having to pay for a gym membership elsewhere.

But what’s in it for you, the employer? As it turns out… a lot!

There are actually some pretty significant benefits that employers enjoy when they invest in a workplace gym. Let’s take a look at four of them.


Not only have workplace gyms been shown to decrease absenteeism, but they also demonstrate to your employees that you’re committed their success both personally and professionally. This is a powerful message that resonates with employees. Don’t be surprised when your employees stick around and also recommend you to others.

Not only are gyms great for employee retention, but they’re also an effective recruitment tool. You’ll quickly impress and gain the loyalty of potential hires when you mention your onsite fitness center.


We all know that exercise reduces stress and boosts brain function. So, why wouldn’t you want to make exercise more accessible to your employees? Why expect them to somehow squeeze in workouts before school drop-offs and 8 am meetings? Too many employees are forced to choose between workouts and work because there just isn’t time for both.

The time your employees spend working out at an office gym will benefit you many times over. As employees are rejuvenated mentally, you’ll find them to be more engaged during meetings, more focused on projects, and freer to work late because they won’t be trying to get to yoga class at 7.


If you build a gym at your workplace, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a social activity. Most of us are taught to think that socializing at work is a bad thing, a time waster. But consider this: When your employees voluntarily spend time together while pursuing a common goal, they’re building camaraderie. Many employers spend good money on team-building activities to accomplish the same purpose.

A team with good camaraderie will be more unified and trusting of one another. This will reduce workplace conflicts and promote a healthy culture where people feel safe to share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate. Who knew a gym good do all that?

Reduced Healthcare Costs

If you’re looking for tangible financial benefits of having an office gym, here’s one: A company that offers wellness programs to employees could save money on insurance premiums. Why? Because a physically healthy team will use fewer medications, lowering cumulative incurred medical costs that the company is responsible to pay.

Ready to design a workplace gym?

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