People are more health conscious now than they have ever been. Because of this, commercial gyms are seeing their memberships increase and big box gyms are opening on seemingly every corner. While this increased awareness of health and fitness is a great thing, it can lead to a difficult or frustrating gym experience.

Too many people and too little equipment, packed locker rooms, and poor gym etiquette are all things that could discourage you from going to a commercial gym. While many people enjoy using their gym membership, you may fall into the crowd that prefers to work out in private.

The answer to this dilemma? Create your own in-home gym. While the idea of building an in-home gym can seem intimidating or expensive, when you consider the long-term savings of not paying for a monthly gym membership, it can be quite worth the initial investment. In fact, building your very own home gym can be done with just a few pieces of equipment. Keep reading to see our top picks for in-home gym equipment!


If you ask any professional personal trainer what the number one piece of exercise equipment is, they will very likely tell you it’s a barbell. Barbells can be used to work any part of your body. With a barbell, you can perform movements such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, bent over rows, standing calf raises, and more. If you could invest in just one piece of equipment, the barbell is a very safe bet.

If you need weight plates to add to your barbell set, you can find both rubber bumper plates and traditional iron plates on our products page.


Like the barbell, dumbbells are a very versatile tool and can be used to work out almost every muscle you have. Dumbbells are perfect for in-home gyms because they’re small and can be stored almost anywhere. If you don’t have a lot of space for equipment, it’s hard to beat a set of dumbbells. Additionally, dumbbells are a very affordable option for those who aren’t ready to drop a ton of cash on workout equipment.


While using a barbell on its own is an excellent way to get your workout in, adding a bench to your setup will allow you to do even more. Bench pressing from the floor isn’t ideal, so grabbing a bench for your home gym setup will allow you to do more movements with the best possible form. You can also use a bench to better perform exercises like split-squats, one-arm dumbbell rows, and skull crushers.

Squat Rack

The squat is considered the king of all exercises so having a squat rack in your home gym is a huge plus. You’ll be able to squat with much more weight since you won’t have to lift the bar off the floor before beginning your exercise. Keep in mind that you’ll need a decent amount of space to fit a squat rack in your home gym.

As you can see, you don’t need a hundred different machines to have a complete home gym. With a barbell, dumbbells, a bench, and a squat rack, you’ll have a solid foundation for your very own in-home gym.

If you’re serious about building an in-home gym but aren’t completely sure of the logistics, talk to the experts at Balance Fitness. We specialize in home gym design and can help you figure out the best design for your home. Just give us a call, contact us online, or visit our showroom to speak with a professional today!