Christmas is over, the presents have all been opened (and maybe some returned), and you realize there are a few things missing from your fitness wish list. Fortunately, you can often find post-holiday sales going on and get the gear you wanted at discount prices. We can’t guarantee you’ll find the following items on sale, but if you didn’t get these things for Christmas, you’ll definitely want to add them to your shopping list.

Powerlifting Shoes

If you’re looking to improve your performance at the squat rack or bench, powerlifting shoes are a must-have. Designed with a raised heel, powerlifting shoes allow you to get a stronger grip on the floor and better depth of squat. They also help reduce strain on your ankles by adjusting the angle of your squat form. Powerlifting shoes can also help you with your bench press by providing your feet with more stability on the ground for transfer of power.

Weight Lifting Belt

For those who like to lift heavy, your very own weightlifting belt is a huge asset. When you have your own belt, you don’t need to use a generic gym-provided belt that doesn’t fit right or smells to high heaven. Having a weightlifting belt that fits properly can make all the difference on your next deadlifting PR. A good weightlifting belt will provide support to your core and help prevent hernias.

TRX Slam Ball

Workouts with TRX balls are becoming more popular by the day. Designed for athletic training, TRX ball workouts engage your core while providing cardio and power exercises. Simple and easy-to-use, TRX Slam Balls are a fast, fun and effective piece of equipment for athletes of all levels! Want to buy one? Click here!

Foam Roller

Proper warmup and recovery are just as important as a proper workout. A high-quality foam roller allows the user to massage out knots and kinks in their muscles and increase blood flow for better workouts and faster recovery from intense exercise. Shop foam rollers here!

Indoor Bicycle

Cycling is a great workout for improving cardio health and stamina as well as strengthening leg muscles. An indoor bicycle combines the quality of a good bike ride with the convenience of being in your own home. Regardless of the weather outside, you’ll always be able to get your workout in! Click here for a large selection of the best indoor cycles on the market!

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