With summer coming up quickly you may be panicking and asking yourself how on earth you’re going to get your body looking great for the backyard cookout or the beach volleyball tournament. Hopefully, you’ve already started preparing but if you don’t have a solid plan you could be in trouble.

If that’s you, keep reading to find 4 great ways you can shred body fat and look great for summer!

Cut the Junk Food

There’s no question that the number one barrier to getting a body built for the beach is eating habits. No matter how hard you’re working in the gym, if you don’t clean up your diet, the results you see will be minimal to none.

Anyone can workout for an hour a day, the differentiator is what you do with other 23 hours. Foods like pizza, french fries, onion rings, and fried chicken will tank your progress because those empty calories will just store in your body as fat.

In order to look shredded, you need to have a very low body fat percentage so eating foods that store as fat is just working against you. Another thing that’s pretty easy to cut out is soda which is high in sugar and lacking in any nutritional value.

Low Weight High Reps

Once you’re committed to eating right, then you can visit your gym strategy to see what you can do to tone those muscles. While lifting heavy will increase muscle size and strength, it isn’t the best way to tone your muscles and make them pop.

As we said earlier, the key to getting shredded is to cut down your body fat percentage and the best way to do that is to lower the weight and go for high reps. Working out this way burns more calories and gets the blood flowing to give you a good pump!

Take Supplements

While we can all agree fast food and processed foods are extremely convenient and nice for the budget, they lack a lot of the nutrients our bodies need to function at their full potential. While cleaning up your diet will help out a lot with that, supplements can still help you shred body fat and take your physique to the next level.

Contrary to what you might think, there are some fats that are extremely good for you. Fats found in natural sources such as nuts, avocados, and fish are all great for your health. You can also take Omega-3 fatty acid supplements to get these same nutrients. Good fats actually boost your metabolism and help burn the bad fat.

Get More Sleep

We’re not telling you to be lazy and sleep all day, but your body needs enough rest in order to have the energy necessary to perform well during the day. Your workouts will be much more productive if you get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Additionally, your body repairs itself while you’re asleep so if you’re coming off a hard workout, getting a good night’s sleep will help you recover faster and be ready to hit that muscle group again sooner.

If you need more tips on how to shred body fat and get toned for summer, or you’re looking for someone to work alongside you and help you craft the best plan for you, Balance Fitness provides top of the line personal training and fitness consulting.

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