3 Tips to a Home Gym That Fits Your SpaceOne of the main reasons many people find it hard to regularly exercise is lack of time to visit the gym. With our busy work schedules, trying to spend time with family and friends, and still hoping to maybe catch a little bit of the newest shows on Netflix and Prime at the end of day, it can feel impossible to find the time to head all the way to the fitness center, work out, shower, and come all the way back. A home gym is a great solution! It will be easy to get in your workout right in the privacy and comfort of home. We have a few tips on how to design the perfect home gym to fit the space you have available to you.

Have a Large Basement? You Can Build a Large Personal Gym!

Turning your basement into a perfect home fitness center should involve two important decisions — flooring choice and what you do with the walls. We recommend rubber flooring to reduce impact on your already hard-at-work muscles and provide a more comfortable surface for stretches and weight training. If committing fully to rubber flooring seems like too big of an expense, rubber mats can be purchased cost-effectively to be laid down on top of existing floors.

As far as the walls, color choice is key. Especially in a basement, any dark colors or darker neutrals can bring down what should be an ebullient, energetic mood. Go for light colors to help reflect light and brighten the room! Some clients choose to install large mirrors along the walls, which helps to create a sense of large, airy spaces even in small basement gyms.

Have a Home Office? You Have Space For a Home Gym!

For someone without a lot of extra space at home, finding a convenient place to install workout equipment can be a serious challenge. One great idea is simply to place a piece of exercise equipment or two inside your home office! That way, even the busiest day can still involve at least a few minutes of exercise just by taking a few steps!

For the best results, make sure to lay down those rubber mats underneath your exercise equipment if you have hardwood or non-carpeted floors. A floor with good-quality carpet may not need the rubber mats to be comfortable for working out, although a little extra support is never a bad idea.

Take Over the Attic For Your Fitness Needs!

If the basement’s out, but you have space in the attic, use it! An attic gym can be the most peaceful option. As the highest point in your house, you’ll hear less of the residual noise from below. Laying down a thick, quality carpet will also help to minimize the noise that both carries upwards and also any racket created by your exercise program.

Attics often have high ceilings that give a bright and airy feeling to the room without much work being needed. A light coat of paint to finished walls can finalize the feeling of a nice, roomy gym that will work perfectly for helping you fit regular workouts into your busy schedule.

Need Advice on a Home Gym? Speak With Balance Fitness.

It’s important to make sure your home gym not only fits your space, but also your fitness goals and your personal needs. Balance Fitness has experience in gym design, both in commercial and home fitness centers. Feel free to give us a call at (650) 348-1259 for our San Mateo location, (408) 244-3010 for Santa Clara, or contact us online to schedule a consultation to plan out your perfect home gym!