Personal TrainerWe’ve all been there. You start your membership at the gym, and you’re so enthusiastic about it that you’re willing to take at face value everything the gym manager tells you. Gym is 24 hours? Great, it will fit anyone’s schedule! Pay an extra $10 a month for unlimited gym classes? Fantastic, you’ve always wanted to try Pilates! $100 dollar down payment for a personal trainer and an extra $25 per session? Suddenly, you hesitate.

When your wallet is on the line, you want to carefully consider your fitness options with a level head. Who can blame you? Budget is an important priority in life. Still, there are a few reasons that choosing to hire a personal trainer may be the right choice for your lifestyle and your budget.

1. A Personalized Plan:

We all come in different shapes and sizes. While it may be fun to work out with your friends, you need choose workout buddies wisely. If your goals differ from those of your friends, working out together may not be successful. A personal trainer can take a physical exam to see what fitness level you’re at, talk to you about your long-term goals, and personally work with you on your nutrition and fitness. Do you know what macros are? How about HIIT? What about carb recycling or circuit training? A personal trainer can help you understand what you should do and will make sure your workouts and nutrition are going to help you achieve goals by your deadline.

2. An Energetic Routine:

The hardest part about getting fit is having the motivation to work out. If you are paying someone big bucks to help you get fit, the chances of you canceling on them are increasingly slim as opposed to canceling on your friends at last minute. It’s even harder to want to work out when exercises become redundant and you begin to enjoy them less. Work with a personal trainer who knows the right moment to switch up your workout. Switching up a workout makes your body think, causing you to see results faster and motivate you to keep going.

3. Personal Trainer Provides Expertise:

While you may think you’re an expert at the elliptical or weight machines, personal trainers can watch out for you to make sure you’re using them properly in order to get the best results, especially when it comes to lifting weights. If you perform a squat or deadlift in the wrong position, you could have an injury that otherwise could have been avoided. Let a trainer help you make sure you target the exact muscles and get the most powerful explosion for that set. You’re here to maximize results anyway, right?

4. It’s Worth The Challenge:

While your trainer doesn’t need to be the Jillian Michaels of your gym (although we love her), your trainer will push you to limits that you wouldn’t have gone to if you were by yourself or with friends. Your trainer knows how to keep you pumped up to keep going and push through that last set or run that last half-mile. And they also know when to tell you to calm it down and take it easy. On your own, you may think you should lift more than normal, while your trainer knows you shouldn’t based on your form and strain. A good reminder: More is not always better.

5. 30% Gym, 70% Diet:

You’ve probably heard this breakdown percentage before, and it’s true. You are what you eat, so eat right! Your trainer can sit down with you and create some meal plans that are easily affordable and easy to prepare. They understand what complex carbohydrates break down easily with certain proteins, or what type of bacon you should be eating as opposed to the kind you normally consume. They’ll also make sure you won’t starve yourself or overeat when you got out to dinner.

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