hiring a gym designerSometimes it pays to hire a professional for important jobs; a personal trainer to help you achieve your weight loss goals, an interior decorator to renovate your home, a licensed contractor to build your home, and you find an expert to help you choose the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle. All of them are professionals in their respected fields and want to help you get the best bang for your buck. And so does Balance Fitness! We’re available for you when you want to start your newest renovation in the gym.
What is the current look and feel of your gym? How is your equipment set up? Is your gym warm and welcoming when a member walks in, or is it dark and dreary? All of this is significant when you consider designing your gym. Instead of trying to manage a gym and tackle the worry of redesigning it, relax and let the big dogs do it for you!

1. We Do The Work For You

Who wants to be in charge of something they don’t have expertise with? There’s nothing wrong with learning, but a professional can do the work in half the time you can and take the stress off your back. Not only do they understand the importance of design, but also they know how to make the most of the space in the gym for all hours, especially rush hour.

2. We Can Change the 2D Vision to 3D

Do you already know what you want but have had a hard time executing it? Call Balance Fitness today! Professional gym designers turn your vision into real life. They have worked on redesigning gyms for years, so they can tell you what will and won’t work to save you time and money. Getting you the quality gym design you deserve is what we’re here for.

3. We Understand Zoning, Functionality, and Design

If you want an effective gym, you need to get in the zone mode. This means you need a place for cardio, strength training, stretches, and circuit training. Zoning will depend primarily on your gym size and member interest (school gymnasium, recreational gym, commercial gym). The design of where each zone is placed is important to the look and feel of your gym. A professional will assist you on the most effective gym designs and what will work based on your gym size.

4. We Know What Décor is Best

It’s all about balance when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and the same goes for the theme in your gym. Professionals know bland walls and neutral scheme colors won’t motivate members to work out, while a visually chaotic or noisy theme makes a gym look too small for comfort. It’s all about finding that balance. Professionals explore a subtle theme that is welcoming to bring your gym to life without making members feel like they’re stepping all over each other. Your gym designer will also take décor into consideration with your zones, as different zones require themes to reflect that particular atmosphere.

5. We Know What Equipment is Outdated

Treadmills are always in style and you may think elliptical machines are great, but how about those newer machines that provide you with lateral movement and have multiple options? Gym professionals know which machines are most effective and which ones you should throw out. They determine how much of each equipment piece you need so you don’t waste space. Even when it comes to strength training, a lot has changed in the years. Be sure to ask your professional designer what the most efficient equipment is to have in your gym.

6. We Consider Your Brand

Do you need updated signage? A newer vision that draws in customers because of it has a unique appeal that other gyms don’t have? Professionals know and understand that your outside brand needs to look just as good as your inside brand. We can help you decide what will look best and match your needs accordingly. A perfect exterior will be the foundation of your success. We know what customers are looking for and we can help you become the top gym in your area with just a few tweaks.

Contact Balance Fitness

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